Ty Lure Coursing

Ty Lure Coursing

CH Numenor's Tar-Ciryatan Ty

DOB: 07-24-2014


CH Queen City's Uptown A-Train


CH Numenor's Tar-Telperien

The West Volusia Kennel Club held their annual dog show in DeLand and this year it included a sanctioned Fast Cat event. We've been waiting for a long time to have an event in our area so we made a point to take our little stud Ty out for a few runs. He ran once on Friday and turned in a very respectable 8.13 seconds. When we brought him back Saturday he was ready to go. On his first run, Ty covered the 100 yards in just 7.93 seconds! His second run came in under 8 seconds at 7.99 seconds. Two runs under 8 seconds with his best time good enough to put him #2 in the corso standings. The #1 corso is a bitch so that means until some other male corso runs a faster time, Ty is #1 male corso in the Fast Cat world!

He's only half way to his first Fast Cat title so we'll be looking for another sanctioned event we can take him to. Three more runs should get him his first Fast Cat title, the BCAT. I'm betting he out does himself and turns in an even better time. This guy was born to run. He's a coursing corso for sure.

Warning - some images may be slightly frightening. Let's face it, he's not exactly poetry in motion. That's a 130 pounds of mastiff muscle hurtling itself down the track. It ain't going to be pretty!

AKC Fast Cat Standings

Special thanks to MLBaer Photography for the amazing photos. Even with this monster heading down the track, Mark kept a steady hand and captured Ty's record setting AKC Fast Cat run at DeLand FL on 9/23/2017.