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Feb 2017

Breeder of Merit Program

Part of being in the Breeder of Merit program is agreeing to allow random inspections of your breeding facility. Although having been breeding for a number of years and having the first Cane Corso to receive a Certificate of Merit when the AKC recognized the breed in 2010, we had never been inspected. Well, that changed this past January and we're proud to say our facility was deemed up to the high standards the AKC holds all Breeders of Merit to. I took particular pride in the fact the inspector was impressed with the new roof over the runs. I spent a lot of quality time up on that roof putting it together so it felt great to hear that. Definitely a silver lining to hurricane Matthew. Even our paperwork was completely up to standards. Frankly, reading and complying with AKC rules is a picnic compared to reading and complying with the Code of Federal Regulations. All that paper pushing at work certainly has payed off with this aspect of breeding dogs.

Feels good to have the AKC's official stamp of approval for our kennel. Can't wait to hear what they say once we've finished creating our corso paradise! Looking forward to the next inspection.