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April 10th - 14th
Harrisburg, PA

location01After looking for a very long time, Maria and I have finally found the perfect home for our Corsos. This beautiful ten acre piece of paradise has two ponds and plenty of cleared land for the dogs to run on. We are able to set up a good sized lure coursing circuit or rally course and in between heats they can dash over to the ponds to splash around while they cool off. This is truly an ideal setting for our lucky Corsos. We have big dreams for our new property and we’re going to work towards creating the ultimate Cane Corso habitat. The next major upgrade will be moving the kids into their very own climate controlled housing, custom built for their special needs. Instead of a Man Cave this will be a Corso Cave – a super reinforced, luxury bunker able to withstand anything that a pack of Corsos can dish out.

location02We hope someday you get to visit our new home so we can share with you all the amazing abilities of our Cane Corsos. If you’ve never seen a 140 pound Corso chase after a lure, it’s something you really should witness. Out running a Corso is not an option! And to see them cut a wake through the water is also quite impressive. We’re big proponents of water exercise, especially for maturing Corsos. It’s low impact and it’s almost impossible for them to overheat while working in the water. In less than an hour you can give your Corso all the exercise it will need for the day. We even have a weight pulling track that we use when the temperatures aren’t too hot. Corsos love to exercise so the more ways you can channel their energies, the more content and confident your dogs will be.

Our dogs had it pretty good before we moved but now they’re in Corso Heaven. Come by and visit Numenor Kennels. Once you’ve seen our dogs in action you’ll understand what a special breed of dog the Cane Corso is.